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Nina Claire was born in London, UK, in 1975 and raised in Førde, Norway. She is a self-taught artist who began an introspective journey through photography in 2017 after life-changing events. Over time, Nina’s practice has become interdisciplinary: She uses her body in performance art, photography and video to question and examine self-love, solitude and the relation between the body, cultural constructs and cultural productions. 


As an artist, Nina never finds any ideal answers that define the female “white” European body. Her quest to find cultural placement for gendered bodies and to claim one’s love for their own self, triggered a series of self-portraits and videos that defile her privacy and intimacy. Her photographs, videos and performance art pieces are ritualistic and therapeutical while also focusing on the aesthetics of space, light, movement and time that affect the beauty of human anatomy. 


Nina combines her experiences in sexually and psychologically abusive relationships with cultural taboos that reject certain body types and silence the female voice in several forms of violations. Through her practice, she explores the definition of femininity and how the patriarchal male gaze influences the female’s perception and rendition of her own body.  


Currently, Nina lives and works in Tynset, Norway. 



© Nina Claire 2018

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