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Nina Claire was born in London, UK, in 1975 and raised in Førde, Norway. She is a self-taught artist who began an introspective journey through photography in 2017 after life-changing events. Over time, Nina’s practice has become interdisciplinary: Through performance art, photography and video she explores introversion, invisibility, the (changing) body, emotional and sexual abuse, origins, weirdness, playfulness and visual abstractions.


After a peaking period of live performances in 2019/2020, Nina was forced to slow down and take care of her health after partial visual loss and the discovery of systemic illness. This new reality has not only changed the working pace, but also the methods: An example of this is "HOTEL - time lapse video project" where Nina simply documents her time in hotel rooms in relation to her frequent hospital appointments in other cities.

Currently, Nina lives and works in Tynset, Norway. 



© Nina Claire 2018

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