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HOME (not in spirit).
Red Cleanse

As part of a collection of images and videos made during the Covid-19 lockdown.

© Nina Claire 2020


© Nina Claire 2020

Your Assumption Is Not My Reality

© Nina Claire 2020

With music by Ewan Laker-Mansfield

© Nina Claire & Ewan Laker-Mansfield 2020


© Nina Claire & HC 2020

I am the pendulum

"I am the pendulum" is the first film in a series called "Dreams & Realities" which explores the the notions of time, space, gravity, secrecy and mystery. The films contain footage recorded from 2017 until this day by Nina Claire and HC. Soundscapes are created by Ewan Laker-Mansfield.

© Nina Claire, HC & Ewan Laker-Mansfield 2021

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