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Substance of Desire
“Substance of Desire” is an exploration of how to manifest suppressed intimate and sexual desires in a time when many people who were already alone became even more isolated from physical contact. In our digital age it’s easy to get some sexual gratification from online pornography, but the deeply personal relationship between oneself and another person is erased in this virtual reality. The human need for intimacy goes far beyond the physical, although sexual desires can be highly explicit. Through action with substance, Nina attempts to express her desires in the absence of lovers - in an inexplicit manner, but with as much personal intimacy possible.  

The video recording  of this performance was screened at Primera Trienal International de Performance Deformes Chile 2020-2021 on November 10th 2020 as part of the theme presentation The digitalisation of the body: Action, word and ritual.
Duration: 8 minutes.
Curated by Gonzalo Rabanal.
Video by HC.

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