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Dreams are RED


A collaboration between crazinisT artisT [Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi] and Nina Claire. Their performance explores the complexity of layered bodies, politics of identity, gender prejudices, sexuality and the struggle of "becoming" through ritualistic metaphor of reds. To both artists, dreams are red, full of symbolism, stories, and ironies; love, hate, bitterness, passion, sensuality, violence, etc. 

crazinisT and Nina developed this after sharing their stories empathetically and coming to the reality of similar situations that many individuals might have been dealing with in their silence. In their performance, the artists entered into a sanctuary of saturated spirits of reds divided into two perfect squares while mirroring each other in action, inaction, silence and meditation in a diagonal gaze. During the performance, both stripped off their individual layers revealing the body as colonised objects trying to recognize itself in the gaze of the other.


Venue: crazinisT artisT studiO, Kumasi, Ghana.

Date: August 4th, 2019.

Duration: 30 minutes.


© Percy Nii Nortey 2019


© Percy Nii Nortey 2019


© Percy Nii Nortey 2019


© Percy Nii Nortey 2019


© Percy Nii Nortey 2019

© perfocraZe International Artist Residency 2019

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